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What makes it all possible?


 Standforsumn Radio  

Imagine a Online Radio Station that plays the music you want to listen to. Underground/Mainstream, all your favorite music, exclusive talk and entertainment. Not to mention comedy, news, traffic, weather and more. It’s all here, all in one place. Welcome to the world of 

At Standforsumn Radio, our goal has always been to develop and broadcast content that people want to hear. We've changed the media landscape and the way people listen to radio. Being able to reach million radio listeners and the quality of our diverse talk programming – which spans topics such as Sports, Music, Politics, News, Men's & Women's Lifestyle and more which is what helps different us from the competition and makes us the #1 Radio Station in Austin, Texas and soon the nation. 

CIRCULATION (as of Jan. 2016) 

Avg. unique visitor/month 31,300 

Android visitors 18,000/ iPhones visitors 7,000/ TuneIn visitors 2,000 

Avg. website unique visitor/month 3,300 

Registered website users 2,111 

Email Distribution 8,217 

Collective Instagram Fans 330k 

Collective Facebook Fans 105k 


Female 59.6%   

Male 40.4% 


Average visitor age is 24.1 

Marital Status  

Single 62.3%   

Married/partnered 37.7% 


Average $45,300 


Employed full-time 67.6  

 Employed part-time 32.4 


Four-year degree or higher 57.8% 

STUDENTS Currently attending college or university 

Full-time 68.7  

 Part-time 31.3 


91.1% have a personal computer. 

63.1% bought a paperback book in 

74.8% own two or more vehicles. 

88.9% own a smartphone. 

30,3% own their home 

WHAT THEY DO (over the past 12 months) 

Go to the movies 91.1% 

Attend music performances 79.7% 

Consume alcoholic 74.6% 

Go to a museum 67.1% 

Attend art galleries 57.7% 

Our Services 

Our DRRPP....(Direct Response Radio Promotion Package) 

Charging into direct response radio promotion without a plan is a waste of your time and money. The process of building your radio promotion campaign begins with us gaining an understanding of your music, product, listeners and objectives for promoting your music on the radio. This ensures we effectively guide you toward success in direct response radio. As your radio advertising agency, you get our expert guidance on direct response radio creative strategy and media planning that best leverages all of our knowledge about what works and what doesn't in radio. Your success and advantages increase because you benefit from us being behind you along with introducing you to thousands of listeners, promoting and helping you get your music to your listeners and others that don't know about you...... 


Please READ the requirements very carefully. 


Proper track placement is very important when it comes to breaking a record…We have  4 unique Service Pack to fit any artist budget, pushing and promoting your music to be heard locally and across the nation. 



Personal Endorsement from a Loyal Customer 

Banner on website. 

Hand out of brochures in merchandise bag at events (Gold & Platinum Sponsors) 

Raffle & Giveaways 

Name or logo on Printed Materials (Gold & Platinum Sponsors) 

Opportunity to direct your product to an estimated 10,000 people a month and growing fast 

Mentions, on air commercials, featured on website 

      We understand that your advertising dollars must bring you a good Return on Investment (ROI). Here are a few factors that will help you decide if Standforsumn Radio would be a good fit for your ad campaign. With Standforsumn Radio you will be building new clientele. Advertising with us mean new customers to reach. People earn more money, which means changes in lifestyles and buying habits. The shopper who wouldn't consider your business a few years ago may be a prime customer now. Remember 20% of families will move this year, 5 million people will be married and 4 million babies will be born. Customers don't have the loyalty they once did. You must advertise to keep pace with your competition. The National Retail Merchants Association states: "Mobility and non-loyalty are rampant. Business must promote to get former customers to return and to seek new ones. Many people postpone spending decisions. They often go from store to store comparing prices, quality and service. Advertising must reach them steadily through the entire decision-making process. Your name must be fresh in their minds when they ultimately decide to spend. 

Advertising on will: 

• Strengthen your products’ position in Austin  

• Increase your products’ exposure and awareness amongst 

the mass who use your products/services on a daily basis. 

• Target your products/services to a broader audience in the Austin Area 

Standforsumn Radio offers something for everyone! 

 • Small companies: offers small ads with high-visibility placement to companies with limited budgets.   

  • Up-and-Coming companies: Advertising with us on a regular basis will ensure that your products/service remain stocked on the retail shelves and that retailers always know about your latest innovation. 

  • Multinational companies: keep your brand’s name on the tip of everyone's tongue with brand identity advertising. 

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